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Featured Piece on Las Catalinas in Conde Nast Spain

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Las Catalinas Featured in Conde Nast Spain

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Today we are thrilled to share that Las Catalinas has recently been the subject of a feature piece in Conde Nast Spain’s Online Edition, one of Spain’s premier travel publications. 

The article focuses on three main areas of Las Catalinas. The worldwide search that led to this specific location, the relationship between town and nature, and the unique people that have made their homes here.

The Conde Nast Review of Las Catalinas

It’s always interesting to see different perspectives on town. After all, the blend of many personalities, perspectives, and ideas is what brings Las Catalinas its color and life. This article is no different. The author, Jorge Santos, focuses on the blend of luxury, sustainability, and community that has come to exist here. 

The article begins with a focus on the founding of town. It explores the worldwide search that lead to this location. It then moves through the early development in 2011 and the first homes in town. Finally, we look present day Las Catalinas.

It’s here that Santos begins to delve deeper into the unique combination of elements in Las Catalinas. There’s a particular focus on the preservation of wildlife and sustainability in town. Also mentioned are the many outdoor activities that make Las Catalinas lively. It’s an important relationship. Without the natural wealth in town, those activities would be shadows of their former selves.

The piece wraps up with a focus on the people that give Las Catalinas its character. After all, that’s what it’s all about! Santos discusses the shops and also organizations that are based here, highlighting ConnectOcean’s Ernst Van der Poll and Chef Saul Umaña. These interesting people and many others, he points out, are the heart and soul of Las Catalinas. Without them, this town would not exist. 

In all, a great article that captures a little bit of the essence of Las Catalinas. You can check out the full article at this link. 

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